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Interview with Brad GilbertTheTennisChannel.com Report
The Tennis Channel
March 2007

Watch The Tennis Channel interviews with Brad Gilbert and Bow Rodgers as they talk about the WristAssist and how it can improve your tennis game.
View Interview with Brad Gilbert
View Interview with Bow Rodgers

Tennis Channel

Tool may add aces to tennis game
Oakland Tribune
February 28, 2007

WristAssist locks in proper wrist positioning and has attracted the attention of scores of tennis pros, including Brad Gilbert. "It's a great tool for club players," Gilbert said. "Bow's an innovator. It helped my son with his backhand." More

Oakland Tribune

Sports Report
Celebrated Living
Spring 2007

Working on your tennis game? Strap on WristAssist, a training device that tethers a taut line between your wrist and your racquet, forcing you to swing clean and building muscle memory for matches. More

Celebrated Living

WristAssist from SquareHit
Tennis Life
February 2007

Verbal instruction alone like, "keep your wrist firm" doesn't usually do the trick. The WristAssist goes beyond typical verbal instruction, and allows you to see and really feel the correct position of the wrist. More

Tennis Life

Angles & Dropshots
SAP Open
February 15, 2007

Unquestionably, WristAssist helped lock my wrist in to a place and helped me accelerate through the ball.  It’s probably best worth deploying on a ball machine and grooving a stroke.  More

Tennis Magazine

Support Group: Training Aids
Tennis Magazine
December 21, 2006

Having a square racquet face at contact is pivotal for executing solid ground strokes and volleys. One of the keys to doing this successfully and consistently is to have a strong and stable wrist. The WristAssist ($69.95) from SquareHit Tennis is a wrist support system that helps players place the racquet and wrist in an optimum position throughout the hitting zone. More

Tennis Magazine

Industry Action: Manufacturers
ADDvantage Magazine
December 2006

SquareHit Tennis, the leading developer of innovative tennis training equipment, introduces WristAssist™, a new tennis training aid that improves a player's tennis strokes by enabling them to truly experience what a correct tennis stroke should feel like. More

ADDvantage Magazine

The SquareHit WristAssist: A New Revolutionary Product that will Dramatically Improve Your Game
Racquet Press
November/December 2006

When SquareHit Tennis sent me their new invention back in October, I was eager to try it out to see if it held up to its claims. According to the company, the WristAssist enables you to "feel what the pros feel" by placing your wrist in the correct hitting position to consistently square the racquet face to the ball for a solid, powerful stroke.

Racquet Press

Tech Veteran Tries Out a New Racket
San Jose Business Journal
October 27, 2006

The way Bow Rodgers sees it, he is now hitting the sweet spot of his career. After a varied technology career, he's in a new game. The avid tennis player has put a company together to build and market tennis training aids in partnership with his friend and coach, Ray Bilsey. More

San Jose Business Journal

WristAssist New Training Aid
Florida Tennis
October 2006

SquareHit Tennis recently launched the WristAssist, a new tennis training aid that improves players' tennis strokes by enabling them to truly experience what a correct tennis stroke should feel like. This powerful training tool places the players' wrist and racket in the correct "squared up" position through the critical "impact zone." More

Florida Tennis

WristAssist to the Rescue
Sun Tennis Magazine
Fall 2006

WristAssist from SquareHit Tennis is a wrist-support system that helps players place the racket and wrist in an optimum position throughout the "hitting zone." The product is designed to help improve a range of shots, from the basic forehand to two-handed backhand ground strokes.

Sun Tennis Magazine

WristAssist locks in volleys
New training tool works well with some ground strokes
By Ron Cioffi, TennisReporters.net
August 27, 2006

The WristAssist is a lock. This new stroke aid enables tennis players to keep a solid wrist position while practicing strokes and locking into the correct position. More


WristAssist: Feel What the Pros Feel
Inside Tennis
September 2006

Sometimes it doesn't matter how many hours you put in with the ball machine. If you've got flaws in your strokes, repetition upon repetition will only reinforce them. But if you're one of those frustrated forehanders who can't seem to find your game don't lose hope. Bow Rodgers may have a cure for what ails you. More

Inside Tennis