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August 07, 2007

SquareHit Tennis introduces new product, TossAssist™ to coincide with U.S. Open Tennis Championship.

SquareHit Tennis TossAssist™ is a bio-mechanically designed tennis trainer that helps all levels of players from beginners to pros develop a consistent service toss as the foundation for powerful and accurate serves. More

SquareHit Tennis  

June 06, 2007

WristAssist Hits a Winner with support from World-renowned Tennis Coach Brad Gilbert.

The WristAssist has been endorsed by world-renowned tennis coach Brad Gilbert, who led Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick to the world’s number one ranking and now coaches UK rising star Andy Murray. More

SquareHit Tennis  

April 25, 2007

SquareHit Tennis Sales Grow Into Thousands. Global Milestone Achieved With WristAssist Training Device Sales to 36 Countries Worldwide.

SquareHit Tennis, a leading developer of tennis training equipment, today announced that its popular WristAssistTM has sold into 36 countries on six continents globally, totaling thousands of units in sales in less than a year. Adopted by coaches, tennis instructors and players alike, the advanced tennis training tool helps improve players’ tennis strokes fast – from the forehand to the one- and two-handed backhand strokes and volleys. More

SquareHit Tennis  

July 24, 2006

SquareHit Tennis Launches Innovative Tennis Training Aid at Bank of the West Classic. The WristAssist Improves Players' Game by Helping Them "Feel What the Pros Feel."

SquareHit Tennis, the leading developer of innovative tennis training equipment, today launched the WristAssist™, a new tennis training aid that improves players’ tennis strokes by enabling them to truly experience what a correct tennis stroke should feel like. This powerful training tool places the player’s wrist and racket in the correct “squared up” position through the critical “impact zone.” More

Bank of the West Classic  

July 10, 2006

SquareHit Tennis Pledges Financial Support to Youth Tennis Advantage. Innovative Tennis Training Aid Company Will Donate Portions of New Product Proceeds to Non-Profit Organization for Inner City Kids.

SquareHit Tennis, a developer of innovative tennis training equipment, today announced that it will contribute a portion of the revenues on sales of its first product, the WristAssist TM , to Youth Tennis Advantage, a San Francisco Bay Area non-profit organization. The proceeds from SquareHit Tennis will serve to finance and support YTA’s academic tutoring and tennis instruction programs, and further extend the reach and value of the non-profit throughout the Bay Area. More

Youth Tennis Advantage