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Brad Gilbert
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Quotes In my view, the VictoryBand is a smart alternative for those suffering from Tennis Elbow. Its unique stretchable design makes it less likely to irritate forearm muscles or cause nerve injury. Quotes  

- Dr. Rod Hentz, M.D., Former Chief of Hand and Arm Surgery at Stanford University Medical Center.  
Quotes The VictoryBand was engineered by SquareHit Tennis for Tennis Players and other athletes. The latest computer modeling and biomechanical principles were used to dampen the pressure on the injured muscle and tendon group and comfortably reduce forearm pain. Quotes  
  - Maurice LeBlanc, MSME, VictoryBand co-designer, award-winning designer of orthotics and prosthetics.  
Quotes Thanks to the VictoryBand, I was able to get back on the court with my partner and win our club tennis tournament. Quotes  
  - Rob Creighton, Menlo Park, CA  
Quotes "The VictoryBand is the best design that I have seen for both Tennis Elbow pain relief and player comfort. Quotes  
  - David Petrie, Head Tennis Professional, Former British Junior National Champion, Hillsborough, CA.  
Quotes The most effective relief from Tennis Elbow pain that I have had while playing tennis. The VictoryBand is far more comfortable than anything that I have used before. Quotes  
  -- Valerie Friedsam, Portola Valley, CA